Therapy & Counselling

Problems sleeping can be very common. Sometimes this is for a short time only, perhaps if life-changing events are taking place. In some cases, your GP may prescribe sleeping tablets, so that medication can intervene to help you sleep. However, it may be helpful for you to explore the issues behind your disturbed sleeping patterns. Sleep disturbance or insomnia can take several forms, which is why you may be facing the following difficulties:

  • Unable to get to sleep or unable to get back to sleep
  • Fitful sleep, waking up during the night
  • Waking up at the same time during the night
  • Being awake during the night then in deep sleep when the morning alarm goes off
  • Sleepwalking
  • Recurring dreams or nightmares
  • Troubling thoughts or worries on your mind in the middle of the night
  • Unable to get to sleep because of reliving relationship problems or sexual difficulties,
  • Sleeping for only a few hours each night

If you’re experiencing any of the above and are finding that your disturbed sleeping patterns are affecting your everyday life, a counselling session could be very beneficial. Please email or contact us online now so that we can arrange an initial session for you to discuss what’s on your mind.


Benefit from counselling for disturbed sleep

If you are experiencing sleep disturbance for a sustained period of time, then psychological causes may be present. Your mind and body are a holistic system and sleep plays an important part in maintaining that system. So if your sleep is disrupted, it could indicate some underlying emotional or psychological causes.

Talking to one of our professionally trained sleep loss therapists to explore the underlying issues could be very beneficial for you and could uncover a fresh perspective on the difficulties you are encountering. Sometimes, disturbed sleep can boil down to something quite fundamental – you may feel you’re in the wrong job, submitting to unfair family pressure or in a relationship that is somehow damaging to your wellbeing. No matter the motivation, by chatting through the issues surrounding your sleep loss, we can help you to improve your health and wellbeing in this important area.

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