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Our story

Since 2002, The Grove has grown organically from a private psychotherapy service in the heart of London’s West End to a cutting-edge leader in mental health training for professionals. 

We are run by four practising clinicians – one psychiatrist and three psychotherapists. 

We are bound together by a shared belief in the power of quality therapy to change lives for the better.

So it made sense for us to distil decades of clinical experience into training courses that support other therapists or practitioners with knowledge we’ve garnered. This in turn upskills the valuable work they do with clients or supervisees.

Therapy is relational, and so is The Grove.

Our mission

The Grove is a centre of excellence for mental health training. We exist to help you become the best therapist you can be.

In a fragmented world, we believe in the power of therapy to heal and revitalise connection – to the self, to others, and to the world around us.

When you take one of our courses, you become part of a dedicated professional community, committed to high-quality and inclusive therapy powered by self-improvement.

Our practice-based courses are forged from decades of experience in the therapy room, designed to leave you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to broaden and deepen your practice (while enhancing your revenue). 

Training with us empowers a positive difference in the lives of the people you support.

Our values


We apply the same standards of professionalism and ethics in the training room as we do in the therapy room. We are courteous, communicative, and always mindful of your sensitivities. 


We believe a diverse industry will better meet the needs of the people it serves. We embrace people from all walks of life, and strive to create an environment where everyone feels heard and respected.


We commit to quality in everything we do. We constantly review the content and methodology of our courses to respond to new evidence and industry practices. We will only offer courses where we are confident we can deliver them to the very high standards we set for ourselves.


Therapy is about humanity. We are driven by our belief in the power of therapy to help people live better. We see each of our trainees as a human being, and care deeply about empowering you to deliver the best help you can.

Quality assurance for our qualifications

Our approach

Central to our approach is our determination that CPD should never feel like a tick-box exercise. 

We want everyone who completes one of our courses to leave with more than just a piece of paper and a thank-you email – we want you to have the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to apply what you’ve learned in the therapy room. 

Our courses are founded in the latest theoretical thinking, but will always be grounded in practice.

We have an unswerving commitment to quality courses packed with practical learning. But we like to think this is delivered in a relaxed and human way. There is always someone at The Grove for our learners to contact with a question or request for support.

Train your way

Our courses are designed to fit around your needs. If you like attending courses in-person for experiential learning, take one of our live event courses. Here, your tutors will be present in real-time, with lots of space for discussion and skills practice. 

Alternatively, if you prefer self-study to learn at your own pace, take one of our digital courses with high-quality videos and downloadable course materials. Then work with our trainers in small supervision groups to embed your learning.

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Meet our team

The Grove is run by a team of four directors: Robert Rees, Sarah Paton Briggs, Elliot Davis, and Dr James Kustow. 

Before training as psychotherapists, Sarah and Robert each held high-level executive positions in international business. So they have a deep understanding of the managerial dynamics and organisational pressures that can arise in commercial settings, allied with a profound grasp of how psychological therapy can bring a more fulfilling perspective on life and relationships.

Elliot pursued a successful career in the arts before shifting emphasis to psychotherapy. He brings a trauma-informed view to working with individuals or couples.

Our training team supports anyone who enquires or enrols to learn with The Grove – all the way through making an application to starting the course and arranging payment plans, to certification at course completion.

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