Diversity and Respect Statement

The Grove is committed to the provision of professional services which are inclusive for participants from a diverse range of professional and cultural backgrounds. Regarding clients or trainees or associates, The Grove’s diversity policy upholds participation which respects differences in ability and disability, age, sex, gender diversity, race, religion, culture, and theoretical modality.

For our training programmes, The Grove’s course terms and conditions provide for each participant being seen, heard, included and respected during their attendance at course events. Every applicant is expected to embrace this statement when enrolling. Any participant or tutor or representative of The Grove may be suspended from the course if their behaviour is deemed by The Grove to be contrary to this statement.

Within our therapy service and organisational programmes, we expect all clients, trainees, and professional associates to embrace this respect for diversity and to be inclusive of difference. If these conditions are not met, The Grove reserves the right to terminate provision of service and may consider reporting to police or other applicable authorities such as an employer or professional body.

v1 April 2019


v2 June 2021


This policy is reviewed every 2 years.

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