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Why undergo a CPD course in working with couples and relationships with the Grove?

If you are looking to expand your practice so that you can work therapeutically with couples and other forms of relationships, a CPD course is a great way to achieve this. The CPD course in working with couples and relationships at The Grove is designed for counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists and provides a solid grounding over eight days to expand what you can do in terms of supporting clients in their intimate relationships. These are just some of the reasons why this course is a great idea.

  • There are no previous specialist requirements. Therapists can begin this course without any previous experience of working with couples. It can be a starting point for anyone with an interest in developing this part of their practice. Plus, for those who are already working with couples and other forms of relationships, and keen to expand this, the course is the ideal way to do it.
  • Working not just with couples - but also other forms of relationships. There is a lot of value in acquiring skills for counselling and therapy with couples. However, it’s more inclusive to be trained in working with other relationship formats. The CPD course at The Grove focuses on work with couples but also invites participants to widen the applicability of this learning to other forms of relationship, such as open or polyamorous relationships. This can considerably broaden the scope of what you’re able to do professionally.
  • The course provides continuous professional development (CPD). All participants receive a CPD certificate as evidence to show that an additional and specialised training has been undertaken for couples and other forms of relationships. This provides opportunities to help meet professional requirements and also to expand learning and knowledge. The qualification does not have Ofqual-regulated status but is taught at the equivalent of Level 6. The course is approved by the College of Sex and Relationship Therapists for 48 hours of CPD.
  • An opportunity for self-reflection. The CPD course will provide you with a unique opportunity to go inward and reflect on your own relational style and to examine the way you view, and approach, the intimate relationships in your own life.

How does it work?

To take the course students need to be a qualified counsellor, psychotherapist, psychiatrist or a professional in a related field. This is a basic requirement, as it will ensure that fundamental principles, such as establishing safety and containment in therapy, have already been covered elsewhere and will be applied without instruction. The course will take place over eight days and provides key information and understanding, as well as practical techniques, that will enable someone who wants to go further into couples/relationship therapy to acquire the skills necessary to do so.

If your interest lies in developing your practice with respect to couples and other relationships, the CPD course at The Grove provides a certified opportunity to do just that. At the Grove Practice, we pride ourselves on being a centre of excellence in CPD Counselling Courses so be sure to get in touch for your general CPD needs or enquire about our Certificate in Couple / Relationship Therapy today.

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