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Therapy matters

Therapy has the power to change lives for the better by bringing relief from suffering. People have all kinds of reasons for coming to therapy. Usually, they are struggling because of a challenge or difficulty. They worry and often ask us: am I mad or bad or just sad?

We believe in high-impact therapy. We focus on harnessing our clients’ inner power to adapt and grow; becoming truer to their authentic self. People who dig into their therapy often go through a process of transformational change. We see this happen time after time. We provide a safe container where you can bring your struggles, so you can thrive rather than survive.

Our approach is built on deep understanding of brain-body connections, taking into account each client’s beliefs around mind and spirit. We are curious about cultural and social influences on each person’s lived experience. We offer therapy with heart.

The Grove’s philosophy of therapy is to meet our clients where they are and listen intently to where they want to get to. Then we do everything we can to help our clients reach their goals in life.

Our team of highly trained therapists at The Grove offers a high-quality, empathetic, non-judgemental space which aims to be truly healing and transformative for our clients.

Therapy can help in many ways and with many issues. Therapists at The Grove use their expertise across a range of approaches and issues, all tailored in a bespoke way to meet the needs of each client.

Each director is an accredited therapist, which means we have attained a high level of professional recognition by their professional association. This accreditation also means that each of us adheres to the strict code of ethics and is committed to working with you professionally and confidentially.

The Grove’s team provides highly-specialised therapy for trauma and relational support. We are well-trained and experienced in working with:

  • Trauma and its impact
  • relationship issues
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • obsessive or compulsive behaviour
  • addiction
  • problems with eating or sleeping
  • work stress
  • family problems
  • sexuality and psychosexual issues.

Issues we work with

The Grove’s team provides highly-specialised therapy for trauma and relational support. We are well-trained and experienced in working with:

Depression and anxiety

At the Grove, our team of specialised therapists are trained in helping you work through the following issues: Depression, Anxiety and Panic attacks.

Relationship problems

Whatever kind of relationship you're in, there can be conflict, arguments, cheating or affairs, money worries, or problems in dealing with families and kids. The Grove's therapists are experts in finding ways to meet your needs by communicating better together,

Anger management

Lots of clients contact us for help if they feel that their anger is getting out of control – or they have been told by someone close to them that they have anger management issues.

Trauma & PTSD

Our professional team of therapists are trained in trauma counselling and allow you to explore ways to facilitate healing and recovery.


Our team are professionally trained and are sensitive in hearing about abuse in all its forms.

Disturbed sleep

If you’re experiencing any of the above and are finding that your disturbed sleeping patterns are affecting your everyday life, a counselling session could be very beneficial.

Work issues

At The Grove, we offer support to deal with various work issues. If you’re facing problems in the workplace, our professionally qualified therapists are here to talk through these issues and find a way forward that suits you.

Bereavement & loss

People coming to The Grove for bereavement counselling often say that they are struggling to come to terms with their grief. It can be hard to deal with the powerful feelings that come after being bereaved

Sexual problems

Our sex therapists at The Grove are professionally trained in offering you counselling for any sexual problems you may be facing. They’re at hand to offer advice with: erection difficulties, ejaculation problems, sexual identity, reaching orgasm, vaginismus and painful sex.

Cheating and affairs

Jealousy and breakups can often follow after from cheating or affairs. Therapy can help understand what's happened - and more importantly - why. Cheating and affairs are common problems, that can bring ways of looking afresh at your relationship needs.

Obsessive behaviour & OCD

Our behavioural counsellors at The Grove offer confidential and professional therapy sessions which can focus on: obsessive compulsive disorders; self-harm/self-injury; porn or paid-for sex; eating and food.

Addiction & compulsive behaviour

If you feel you’re caught in self-defeating patterns of behavior, our specialised team of therapists are qualified in helping you deal with the following: sex addiction, porn addiction, alcohol addiction, drug addiction, shopping addiction, gambling addiction, work addiction, co-dependency, love addiction.

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