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Most people coming to The Grove for relationship counselling either as individuals or couples say that poor communication is a big problem. They struggle with a feeling of not being listened to: that their partner doesn’t take time to understand what they are saying.

For couples that argue, it’s also very common for the same topics to provoke arguments or be repeated jibes without a solution being found. Or where poor communication means a lack of dialogue, this can result in neither person feeling able to raise the subject in important areas.

All the therapists at The Grove are skilled and experienced in tackling poor communication through relationship counselling. We can either work with both people, in couple therapy, or we can work individually with one person who’d like to improve the communication in their relationship.

Maybe you are struggling with one of the top 3 cases of poor communication?

  • Interruption and too little listening
  • Blaming in heated arguments
  • Feeling afraid to say what you really feel

Just by changing the way you communicate can transform what happens in your relationship. Relationship counselling can enable other really important underlying themes to emerge. Our client testimonials show that therapy really can help with poor communication:

“We were able to identify not only the issues that were troubling us, but the measures needed to overcome and solve these problems.”

So how can poor communication be overcome? Usually your counsellor will help you discuss:

  • How to talk so your partner can really listen and hear what you’re saying;
  • Your needs and preferences in communication style;
  • How to tune into your feelings when communication goes wrong;
  • Values which are important to you in the relationship;
  • Factors from your past that affect your communication style;
  • Any assumptions you hold about your partner;
  • Tools and techniques to improve the quality of your conversations.

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