Therapy & Counselling

The Grove is a private counselling and psychotherapy service, welcoming clients for psychological therapy who either self-fund their sessions or use their private health insurance. We can also invoice employers who wish to provide funded therapy for a staff member. Our fee levels reflect the qualification status of the therapist. Sessions last for 50 minutes.

The first step is usually to arrange an Initial Consultation with one of The Grove’s directors who are accredited psychotherapists practising at The Grove: Elliot Davis, Robert Rees, or Sarah Paton Briggs.

You can check real-time appointment availability and book your Initial Consultation online here by using our booking calendar.


Appointment with an accredited Therapist

Accredited Therapists have been awarded accredited status by their professional association(s). These are the most highly qualified therapists in our practice. Here are profiles for Accredited Therapists working at The Grove, other than the Directors.  Meet the Team.


Appointment with a Qualified Therapist

Qualified Therapists hold a recognised qualification and have already gained significant therapeutic experience in the client work. Here are profiles of Qualified Therapists also working at The Grove.

Every therapist at The Grove works confidentially in helping you explore your difficulties and gain new insights to support you in moving forward. Call or email us today so that you can book a session to start working on what’s troubling you. Session times can fill up, so contact us now to arrange a time to start.


The Grove Foundation

We also operate The Grove Foundation service, which provides affordable therapy for hard-working people in Central London. Foundation Therapists are enrolled at a reputable training institute while working towards qualification. Their client work at The Grove supports them in gaining valuable experience while in training, under supervision to maintain high standards of therapy and client care.


Other useful information