Therapy & Counselling

All our services start with an initial consultation session at our central London premises or online. This meeting is an opportunity to explore what has brought you to The Grove and to decide whether to start attending regular weekly sessions.

You can make appointments during the daytime and evening, from Monday to Friday. Our earliest appointment is 8am, the latest is at 8pm.

The fee is £150 for each 50-minute appointment.

Our Foundation service offers affordable therapy at a lower fee, with therapists who are in the final stages of their training. Please visit the Foundation Therapy site for further details and to book these appointments.

You can book an appointment by phoning 0207 637 7763 daytime or evening. Alternatively you can email Appointments will usually be available within a few days.

You can book online and pay by card, using our secure online service.

Your initial consultation session in London will last for 50 minutes. This is an opportunity to explore what has brought you to The Grove and to decide whether to start coming to weekly 50-minute sessions. During the initial session, your therapist will assess the nature of your difficulties and answer any questions you may have, before discussing how therapy can help you move forward.

Sessions are for 50 minutes, starting on the hour, and are usually at a frequency of once a week. You can discuss the number of sessions with your therapist during the initial consultation. Starting regular sessions is a commitment to prioritising the session time, as consistent attendance is important for the process to be most beneficial to you.

You pay by card when you book the first session online. After that, for further regular sessions, you may pay by debit card or credit card, by cash or online banking transfer, or by cheque payable to The Grove Practice Limited.

Yes, your therapy sessions can be funded by private health insurance. Because of the strict registration requirements of the insurance companies, only the Accredited Therapists at The Grove are individually registered with a number of medical insurers including Allianz, Aviva, BUPA, CIgna, Vitality, Standard Life, WPA. Please call us to start the process of funding your therapy through your private health insurance policy. Usually you will need to check with your insurer the provisions of your policy for funding counselling or psychotherapy. Then you will need to obtain an authorisation code so that your sessions can be invoiced to your insurer. Please contact us for further guidance on how to start therapy funded by your insurance.

We are a private service based in central London, which you can access directly whenever you feel the need. You do not need a referral from a doctor. Our practice is open to everyone – individuals or couples, regardless of gender, age, sexuality or nationality. Any client under the age of 18 will need the agreement of their parent or guardian.

Our premises are located in a period building in the West End of London, which includes a flight of stairs to our consulting rooms. We regret that our consulting rooms have no suitable access for wheelchair users. Please contact us if you have any concerns about mobility, so that we can recommend an alternative location with access for those with impaired mobility or requiring wheelchair access.

Counselling usually focuses on specific and current issues, to find ways of resolving problems. Psychotherapy involves more in-depth work and may take longer. Psychotherapists are required to take a longer training than counsellors. Practitioners at The Grove in London are committed to exploring with you, to decide which approach is right for you.

By talking to one of our Directors or by having an initial consultation, we’ll be able to suggest the therapist or options within our team with someone who is experienced in working specifically with the issues that are troubling you. Contact us to request some guidance so we can help you choose a therapist who’ll be able to support your specific needs.

Our therapists commit to regular weekly appointments with our clients, because of the importance of regularity and continuity of sessions. We hold diary time for clients on a regular and committed basis. So missed appointments or cancelled sessions are chargeable, unless you discuss any absence with your therapist in advance, to explore if discretion can be applied depending on the circumstances. Ordinarily, any planned absence must be agreed in advance with your therapist.If you are unable to keep your regular appointment, please contact your therapist, who may be able to offer you an alternative session that week, subject to availability.