Sarah Briggs

Sarah Briggs

Director of The Grove and of Mentrix

Sarah Briggs is a director of The Grove where she is a tutor for mental health professionals.

In her therapy practice, many women were telling her about menopause having a bad effect on their bodies, health, career, relationships and sex life.

So Sarah and her sister, Karen Briggs, set up Mentrix as a mentoring service and empowerment offering in support of  people affected by menopause. Loads of women are telling us about how menopause has ground them down, morphed their bodies, eroded their confidence, derailed their sex lives or led to conflict with their partners or kids.

Our motto at Mentrix is: an end to menopause misery.

We move the conversation forwards through free webinars, group courses, individual coaching, as well as educating employers and managers and men about the support that’s so badly needed for menopause.

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