Dr James Kustow


Dr James Kustow BMedSci BMBS MRCPsych Dip Int psychotherapy

Consultant Adult Psychiatrist and Adult ADHD Specialist, London, UK

Dr James Kustow is a London-based Consultant Psychiatrist, working in the Barnet NHS Adult ADHD service, one of the very few London-based NHS services of its kind. In the private sector, Dr Kustow has a practice on Harley street in London, and is the Medical Director of The Grove Practice, an internationally respected mental health training provider.

He is a trained integrative psychotherapist and has an interest in, and many years of experience using, body-focussed interventions when working with psychological trauma and its various and broad ranging manifestations. Amongst other approaches he is trained in hypnotherapy (Diploma), EMDR (Adv) and EFT (Adv). Dr Kustow has also done some training in nutrition, believing this to be critical for optimal mental wellbeing.

Over the years Dr Kustow has developed a specialist clinical expertise working with adult ADHD, both in terms of its diagnosis and medical management, but additionally in the development of comprehensive psychosocial interventions.

He is a member of UKAAN’s Executive board (UKAAN is the main professional organisation for Adult ADHD in the UK) and he is also UKAAN’s Director of Education. He was instrumental in the development of the national training programme for psychiatrists. He is a co-author of a textbook on Adult ADHD published by Springer Health, and he chaired a team of European experts in the 2018 update of the pharmacotherapy section of the European Consensus Statement on Diagnosis and Treatment of Adult ADHD. He is presently writing a book on adult ADHD, ‘How to Thrive with adult ADHD – 7 Pillars for focus, productivity and balance’, due to be published by Vermillion (Penguin group) in October 2024.

Dr Kustow is a recognised national and international speaker on Adult ADHD, and the winner of the ‘Genius Award’ at the 2021 Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards (run by the social enterprise group, Genius Within) for the ground-breaking ‘Lifeskills’ Adult ADHD group programme he established in the NHS about 4 years ago. Dr Kustow has also served as an expert in various Adult ADHD-related legal proceedings and has co-authored a number of papers, including the Adult ADHD Assessment Quality Assurance Standard (AQAS) produced by UKAAN. He served as a professional expert and lead team member in a 2021 NICE guideline medical technologies evaluation programme.

Over recent years he has developed a particular interest in the overlap between ADHD and hypermobility (and related) disorders. He has spoken on this association at various meetings. He believes this characteristic cluster of syndromes may provide vital clues to understanding the physiological underpinnings of ADHD, and other neuropsychiatric presentations.

Dr Kustow is the founder of the award winning ‘Marrow’ programme (linked to the Anthony Nolan charity), a network of university groups across the country, which provides a third of the UK’s stem cell register.

To make an appointment to see Dr Kustow please contact his PA on pa@drjameskustow.co.uk.

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