Dida Mitchell

Psychotherapist, supervisor, mediator, writer

Dida works as an existential therapist, supervisor, and mediator. She has a small private practice working with short and long-term clients. She supervised supervision groups at Regent’s University between 1995-2013 and at the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling. The combination of her work as a therapist, supervisor and mediator plays a very important part in her ongoing self-development.

She facilitates various workshops in London, Oxford and Birstonas Lithuania, on existential supervision.  She and Monica Hanaway run regular courses on mediation and co-mediation at Oxford University.  Her work as a mediator has greatly influenced her as a therapist and supervisor.

She was originally a classical ballet dancer, followed by working in catering, as a West End wardrobe mistress, a receptionist, and a shop assistant. All these jobs required a confidential listening method that created rapport and trust – and played their part in her decision to train as a therapist.

She has presented at conferences and written various papers about existential supervision for the Society for Existential Analysis (SEA) Journal and Hermeneutic Circular (HC). Her articles are not academic and tend to link situations in life that are reflected in therapy.

She is married, with three children, three grandchildren, three cats and one cat has three legs.

Her publications on supervision include:

  • Is the Concept of Supervision at Odds with Existential Thinking and Therapeutic Practice? The Journal of the Society for Existential Analysis (2002, 13.1)
  • Responsibility in Existential Supervision a chapter in Existential Perspectives on Supervision Ed. by Emmy van Deurzen & Sarah Young (2009)
  • Re-visiting Existential Supervision, SEA Journal (2019)
  • Reflections on an Existential Supervision Seminar in Birstonas, SEA HC, (2020)
  • Trust and Process in Existential Supervision, Mediation and Life, Existentia – Translated into Russian (2024) and the SEA HC

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