What 2023 will bring

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Every therapist commits to a certain number of CPD hours each year. At least that’s the requirement for practitioners who are members of a professional membership organisation.

CPD is a prescription written annually for 30 or more hours of training.

So what will 2023 bring as a gift or addition to your professional skills?

If you’re looking for a different kind of CPD experience, try one of The Grove’s retreats to restore yourself while picking up new techniques to use immediately in your practice.

There’s an embodiment course starting in the summer on Zoom in two 2-day blocks, culminating in a weekend coastal retreat in September to consolidate using the mind-body approaches in person together with the learners and tutors. The body has millions of cells and neurons that are constantly carrying information and sensation around the body – inextricably linked to thoughts and emotions. This is such a valuable source of data and wisdom for therapy. The Grove’s embodiment training show you how to access this rich seam of golden nuggets.

In October 2023, there’s a chance to rejuvenate your creative self with a restorative weekend retreat at a fabulous exclusive beach retreat in Wales. If you want to unblock resistance with clients or supervises, find different ways to hear them express themselves by providing thematic material that resonates with their life experiences – then our creativity retreat could be just the tonic. You don’t need to be accomplished in any way – the focus of the retreat is about eliciting meaning and contemplation using simple techniques from the worlds of art, music, nature, film, culture and fashion. This creativity will give your your innate creative self an enjoyable boost.

Our emotional regulation programme – also called Regulate – shows you how to manage sessions with clients or patients who get emotionally overwhelmed. This cutting-edge programme brings innovative methods from recent research, which really work time and again.

Meanwhile, our established flagship courses continue with two intakes this year either in person or on Zoom:

  • supervision
  • couple/relationship
  • psychosexual
  • trauma


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