Top 10 benefits of CPD

Sarah Briggs – Director Share

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is vital for everyone in specific professions where ongoing learning and skills development is essential. It can encompass a very wide range of different learning options and is much more than just formal training. CPD requirements are not just a tick- box exercise – there are also some clear benefits to ensuring that your learning and development is up to date.

1. Providing an optimum service

CPD is focused on greater development of understanding, insight, skills and techniques, all of which combine to ensure that you’re delivering the best possible service to the clients that you support. This can be beneficial for the way that you experience your work, as well as what your clients get out of it.

2. Ensuring you’re improving in line with others in your field

Staying up- to- date with CPD will ensure that you’re keeping pace with other professionals who do what you do and your offering is as informed and up to date as theirs.

3. Access to experts

CPD can be a path to connecting with people in your field who have exceptional expertise and those who can help you to develop your own knowledge and inspire you to go on to do more.

4. Staying well informed on trends and changes

Knowledge and skills can become quickly out of date in the fast-paced world that we live in. CPD offers an opportunity to make sure you’re always on top of whatever comes up next, such as the recent increased emphasis on anti-racism with the #blacklivesmatter movement..

5. Becoming better at what you do

CPD can improve ability and skills and make you a more effective part of the team – or workplace – that you’re part of. This will increase the opportunities for progression and getting ahead in your chosen career.

6. Increasing confidence

Focusing on CPD has been found to improve confidence and skills, not just on an individual level but also organisationally. This has a knock- on effect, boosting the confidence that the public has in the profession too.

7. Improving engagement with your job

In particular, CPD may have a big part to play in how you understand the implications of the work that you do and how you can have an impact on those you work with. This can be essential in remaining engaged with your job.

8. Keeping the flame alive

In any role there is the potential to become disillusioned or bored if you lose interest. CPD can help you to discover new aspects of what you do that will keep you interested and driven, as well as areas of growth that you can explore and new potential for development.

9. Helping to drive the profession forward

Depending on the type of CPD that you’re doing you could be involved in helping to enhance the knowledge, understanding, techniques and technology that are used in your profession, developing opportunities for advancement of the profession as a whole.

10. External positive impact

From improving sustainability to enhancing quality of life, engaging in CPD has the potential to generate a wide range of external positive benefits outside of your career and profession.

CPD may be a professional requirement, but it offers a broad spectrum of benefits for anyone who engages with an attitude for life-long learning. The Grove Practice has been providing CPD for counsellors for 10 years.

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