The Benefits of our Trauma Training

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Developing the skillset to work with trauma clients can significantly broaden the scope of what it’s possible to do as a therapist. For many people, past trauma can be at the heart of issues that are affecting them today and being able to work through this to find some freedom from it can be a life-changing experience. For the therapist, a trauma treatment toolkit not only improves the support clients can get but also provides some clarity on what can be a very sensitive and complex area.

Our Trauma Therapy Training

The Grove’s training in Trauma Therapy combines skills and psycho-education so that trauma in clients can be better identified and resolved. The course provides an understanding of this often-complicated subject, as well as a toolkit that any mental health professional can use to work within therapeutic and ethical frameworks when it comes to addressing a client’s trauma and dissociation. The course takes place over 14 days and is held over a number of weekends. The course is ideal for qualified therapists who have already established an individual practice and are looking to develop the work they do in the trauma field.

The benefits of completing the course

  • A comprehensive approach to trauma counselling. The trauma counselling training course develops a mental health professional’s knowledge base to expand into areas that are the most pertinent to trauma. It also provides a practical toolkit that uses both cognitive and body-based techniques for symptom reduction. The course is designed to help counsellors develop both the confidence and the practical skills to be able to make a difference.
  • Specific trauma-focused techniques. In particular, participants on the course will be trained in trauma-focused CBT, as well as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to Level 1 and 2.
  • Easy to accommodate. The course can be fitted in around existing practice and does not require time off, as it takes place over weekends – one weekend per month between February and July 2022.
  • Options for study. Our trauma counselling training course can be completed either as a Certificate or a Diploma. The Certificate qualification is taught at an equivalent to Level 6 while the Diploma has 3 additional writing assignments and is taught at the equivalent to Level 7.
  • An advanced course. This trauma counselling training course is aimed at those who are already well-established as a qualified mental health professional. Participants in the course will need to be able to show competence in core therapeutic and relational skills. This is an advanced course that focuses on the way that a qualified psychotherapist, counsellor, clinical psychologist, psychiatrist or related professional can begin to work more deeply and expertly with trauma clients.
  • A valuable training option. While the course does not have Ofqual-regulated status it is a valuable experience that is taught at a high level (equivalent to 6 or 7) and which challenges participants in terms of both evaluating theoretical concepts and putting them into practice.
The Trauma Counselling Training Course is an ideal next step for mental health professionals looking to work more deeply with trauma clients. The Grove is a leading provider of quality CPD courses in mental health and we would welcome you to book onto any of our in-person, Zoom or self-study courses.
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