Relationships matter (so proper training is essential)

Sarah Briggs – Director Share

Our couple/relationship course sells out time after time.

We know from our learners that they want additional skills and knowledge to work effectively with couples or other intimate partner relationships. Couples can be a bedrock of society while recognising that many other forms of intimate relationships are possible.

Back by popular demand

We’re launching another intake of this appealing course, back by popular demand. There’s now an additional Winter 2023 intake on Zoom after the Autumn 2023 intake sold out. Our customers asked us to run another cohort. So we did!

The new intake launches in October 2023 and runs over 4 weekends until February 2024 (missing out the chaos of Christmas with no programme dates in December 2023).

What you’ll learn from this course

We take you through the arc of understanding the science and theory behind how relationships grow or fail.

You get the practical skills to stay balanced when there are more clients in the room who outnumber the therapist!

Practical tools for intake and assessment are also covered. You get to choose the benefits or drawbacks of seeing couple/relationship clients individually or always attending sessions together.

The toolkit also extends to looking behind any conflict to uncover unmet needs and the expectations which each person brings into the relationship based on their prior life experience (oh yes, although it’s a cliché, childhood counts and so does parenting received).

As you’d expect, the syllabus covers how to handle affairs or cheating, the impact of porn or social media, cultural and intersectional identity, touching on sexual issues (although we do run a different course specifically on psychosexual therapy).

Get the scoop

All the dates and details are here on the course webpage.

You’ll see comments and videos from previous students on that webpage too. Or you can read some more favourable feedback in the success stories from other practitioners who’ve taken this course.

If you want deeper knowledge, you can pair this course with our psychosexual training too. Each course comprises 8 days of detailed training. Together they add up to a solid foundation in relationship and sex therapy – much quicker and less costly than committing to a more formal training of 2+ years.


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