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With the start of a new year nearly upon us, now is the ideal time for professionals to look at their CPD (Continuing Professional Development) options. The Grove Practice is a leading provider of quality CPD courses in Mental Health, offering accredited and practical courses that are designed to improve skills and bring something new to your practice. Courses are delivered by renowned experts with a wealth of experience and relevant clinical skills. The Grove’s courses are available either via Zoom or self-study video. Below are some of the spring courses that The Grove Practice will be offering in 2022.


This 14-day course starts in February 2022 and is intended for qualified professionals who are already well established in their mode of practice. It provides an overview of the therapy related to PTSD and psychological trauma, practical therapy skills as well as a systematic method for assessing and implementing trauma therapy. Attendees also receive training in evidence-based trauma therapies as well as body-based awareness.


Starting in March 2022, this 16-day course is a self-study course for counsellors and psychotherapists who are acting as supervisors or who are considering adding supervision to their practice. While many attendees are often already acting as supervisors this is not a necessary requirement for taking part in the course. There are theoretical, supervisory and experiential components to the course, which provides competence working online and via the phone, as well as in person. The wide range of learning outcomes for participants on the course include being able to intervene in appropriate ways in supervisory sessions and formulate individual models for supervision.


Beginning in March 2022, this 8-day course is intended for qualified counsellors, psychotherapists or psychologists. It uses teaching and experiential work to improve skills and enhance the way that professionals are able to work therapeutically with psychosexual issues. Those issues can cover a very broad spectrum, from sexual trauma and shame to problems asserting boundaries or a lack of interest in sex. The course also integrates the impact of societal and cultural beliefs on individual sexual lives.


This 8-day course starts in March 2022 and provides qualified counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists with the opportunity to gain new skills to work therapeutically with couples and other relationships. This involves gaining confidence in working with common issues that arise in this area, including potential separation and conflict. The course offers a foundation for working with sexually diverse couples and contains an introduction to psychosexual issues.


This course is available from May 2022 and runs for 6 days. It is ideal for psychotherapists and health practitioners looking to improve skills dealing with distressed or highly anxious patients or those who detach and zone out. The course will provide tools that can be used in a wide range of situations and a framework for clinical practice.

These are just some of the spring courses available at The Grove Practice in 2022.

For full details of all the courses we run at The Grove Practice, check out our Training Page or contact us if you have specific queries regarding courses.

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