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Sarah Briggs – Director Share
CPD training group

Wow! We see a talented bunch of people attending each one of our courses. Therapists with bags of experience, loads of ideas, drawn from varied client groups and work settings.

People attending our courses are also thoughtful with a uniform desire to better serve their clients or supervisees or colleagues.

So at The Grove, we had an idea to create a directory to showcase therapists who’ve trained with us, manifesting a powerful resource for referrals and shared interests.

It’s now been launched in 2023 after lots of thought and preparation. Early days from a modest start point, yet with a burgeoning number of therapists being added week by week.

This will be a wonderful resource and showcase for people we’re proud to feature in our solid community of learners.

What attendees on our courses have said about this initiative

So far there’s been loads of appreciation and gratitude for this additional shop window to merchandise their therapy skills. Most often the setting is in private practice, although other community services or charities or residential settings are a rich source of professional learning.

  • Peer support groups formed on the course can last a long time after the course ends
  • Friendships are forged from shared experiences in the course group
  • It’s useful to identify common interests and client groups
  • There’s potential for referrals among therapists who have taken similar training with similar approaches
  • The directory gives sight of and access to people from different cohorts who might not otherwise meet

Who can be featured in The Grove’s directory?

Only people who’ve taken one or more of our certifications. (Yes, there are folks who have trained with us multiple times, adding more strings to their bow from quality courses.)

After completing the course successfully, every attendee certified by The Grove is invited to join our practitioner listing.


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