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7 Benefits of Life-long learning

Being committed to life-long learning sets you on a path of growth and development that not only helps you to become a better human but to get more from the experience of living too. This is something that you can prove simply by getting into your own regular learning rhythm. There are also 7 specific benefits we have identified for anyone who decides to go down this path, which also benefit those who live and work around you.

  1. The way we experience our communities. The more life-long learning that is happening within communities the more positive those communities tend to be. Wages go up, the cost to society goes down and people who engage in learning are proven to be more likely to support vital community organisations.
  2. Ongoing professional development. The workers of today need to be versatile and able to quickly adapt to the need for new skills, and learning is a vital component in this. Millennials are especially focused on this, comprising a third of those currently engaged in life-long learning.
  3. Sustaining better mental health. From the nature deficit that many city-dwellers experience to the impact of lockdowns over the past year, there could be many reasons for experiencing anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders in the current climate. Life-long learning is not only a great way to help find new solutions to mental health problems and perspectives, but also engages the mind and helps to stimulate interest and joy.
  4. The potential to change lives. Learning can be incredibly therapeutic and gives us all the tools to make a difference to our own lives, as well as the lives of those around us. For example, autism studies have found that children change overnight when their parents take a class in autism management techniques.
  5. Living longer. There is plenty of research to show that engaging in life-long learning helps to ensure that the brain remains sharp and this is one of the reasons that we live longer.
  6. Personal development. If you’re looking to achieve goals, transform as a person or pursue change in your life then learning is a fast track to getting there. This is something that is being acknowledged across generations, as everyone from Baby Boomers to Gen Z engages in learning that can help drive growth and progress. And the more people do this the better it is for everyone, as it improves individual, community and societal wellbeing.
  7. A knowledge society helps everyone to get ahead. There are millions of people committing to life-long learning all over the world, whether that is professional development to support a career or to learn a new skill or approach to help make a change. A knowledge based society supports innovation, emotional intelligence and opportunities to make positive change in the world around us.

The Grove believes that education and enterprise create social mobility and better rewards in society. Life-long learning is a commitment that can reap some incredible benefits, not just in terms of your own experience of life but also the way that you impact the people around you, and the world beyond.

If you are interested in learning how The Grove Practice can help with your life-long learning and Continuous Professional Development (CPD), Contact us at or check out our extensive range of courses.

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