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Below are some of the questions we are often asked by Organisations about Onsite TGP Coaching:

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How is this different from an EAP?
Onsite TGP Coaching is designed for an organisation that intends to place mental health at the forefront of their people strategy. In our experience EAPs offload issues to, often unknown, end providers in a reactive manner often when significant problems have already set in. We think TGP Onsite Coaching goes way beyond EAP and is designed to foster a positive and proactive culture around mental wellbeing. An EAP is most appropriate if the goal is to support a small number of people with their mental health.

If we create a space for people to talk won’t it open a ‘Pandoras Box’ of issues?
We sometimes encounter the concern that something is going to come out in a session that creates additional work or disruption, more so than if the individual stayed silent on the matter. It simply doesn’t happen. Quite the opposite in fact. If an issue is neglected and left to fester, that’s when the ‘Pandoras Box’ is more likely to unravel. This is particularly relevant with addiction issues like alcoholism. The problems that people are experiencing in their lives are already going on for them. In our experience there are very few things that are better left unspoken. Indeed, the opportunity and space to discuss tends to diffuse tensions and, in many cases, avert crisees, with the input resulting in greater clarity, and a proactive response.

We are unsure about take up, how will we know people will use it?
Simply put, experience tells us that when you provide a safe space, people generally want to make use of it. This generally results in tangible benefits for both for the individual and the organisation. In our most recent assignments, there has typically been upwards of a 90% take up of available sessions.

Can we have a trial period?
No, this is not something we offer. We believe that to get the most benefit as an organisation, commitment should be for a minimum of a year. That said, we give you the option, with 1 month’s notice, to end the contract after the first 3 months.

How does one book a session?
We ask the organisation to appoint a coordinator to manage the TGP coach’s diary. To book in you simply contact the coordinator, ask what times are free and book a slot. We get agreement from management that you do not need to ask permission to attend sessions.

How long is a session?
Sessions are 45 minutes in duration and there are usually 8 sessions per working day, at fixed times. We usually leave 1 session free on the day for bookings at short notice. Sessions take place face-to-face in a quiet and private space.

How do sessions work?
Employees can share what they like in sessions. There is no set agenda and every session will be different. The focus of a session may include: a friendly chat to shake off the day, issues relating to work stress and performance, difficulties with colleagues and relationship difficulties more broadly.

What are the benefits of working with Onsite TGP Coaching?
There are many benefits. For the company, benefits include a clear message that the company cares and is investing in its people, a safe space to address and minimise the impact of work-related difficulties or challenges (as an adjunct to line management channels) and the fostering of a culture of openness which embraces mental health proactively.

For the individual, benefits include greater wellbeing; improved work-life balance, increased confidence at work and a clear sense of one’s strengths and how to apply them effectively.