the Grove at Work

Our most successful product is simple. We call it Onsite TGP Coaching.

We place one of our qualified and talented TGP Coaches in your company once a month or fortnight and your team is invited to see them when and if they want.

We support you throughout the process. There is no obligation for people to come (although we encourage it), the session is completely confidential and the results are both big and small. We believe in lots of little changes brought together equal a big positive impact.

A person's inner life can really shift as a result of small insights in our sessions, which across an entire organisation can lead to big strides in culture and attitude.

We often see a whole organisation come together around the subject of mental health, bringing teams closer together helping them to work better together and work towards finding balance.

All of our TGP Coaches are trained psychotherapists and coaches. There are no gimmicks here, we are unashamedly available for Coaching and Psychotherapy and the TGP Coach will use their professional skill to understand what is needed in any session.

Workplace Coaching is often a great starting point for companies who are unsure about where to begin with a mental health strategy.  If you are interested in learning more from us then please download our brochure using the form on this page or email us at

Contact us through our enquiry form to find out more.